HK416 T4E

HK416 T4E

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HK416 T4E

  • HK416 T4E,  canna liscia
  • lunghezza canna 380mm
  • calibro: .43 pollici (10.9 mm)
  • velocità alla bocca: 125 m/s circa
  • energia cinetica, potenza < 7,5 joule
  • dimensioni: 805 – 880 mm
  • peso: 3016 g
  • caricatore da 14 colpi
  • munizioni: bilie in silicone, da painball o pepper dust
  • funzionamento: una bomboletta co2 da 12g
  • azione: blow-back / semi-auto
  • 4 binari per laser, torcia ecc…
  • realizzata in lega di metallo
  • calcio telescopico
  • produzione T4E – Umarex

HK416 T4E is a powerful marker of .43 caliber, firing rubber bullets and peppery, used for tactical training armed forces and security agencies as well as for personal defense civilians. Builders rifle HK416 T4E, a special emphasis on realism service, operation and quality, with the result that, we managed to create a very safe and up to a realistic system of training and defense.

Carabiner HK416 T4E like weapons combat, was made mostly of metal with the addition of lightweight, durable polymer (stock, pistol grip, barrel shroud, the body of the magazine) HK416 T4E is powered by one 12g Co2 capsule, mounted in the magazine with a capacity of 14 balls .43 Shots balls reach speeds in the range of 125 m / s, which allows you to run the Customs fire at a distance of about 30 m Marker allows shooting fire a single and continuous.

The blow back, provides a sensible work, after emptying the magazine remains in the rear position, and release, as in firearms, it is necessary to press the lever bolt catcha, thereby preventing shooting “dry”. Marker can be very simple and fast way to spread (such as firearms), which facilitates the cleaning of internal components. Flask with four settings allows you to adjust the length carbine to our predispositions. Marker HK416 T4E is the most realistic and advanced system of training and defense, dedicated to both uniformed and civilian.


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